Becoming a Phlebotomist in Arkansas

Phlebotomists are the healthcare professionals who draw your blood when you go to a lab, a clinic, a donation center or another medical facility. This in-demand position provides patient care, draws the blood, properly handles and stores the sample, enters medical data and carries out other duties of the role. There are many job opportunities for this necessary role in various types of facilities within the medical field, both in Arkansas and throughout the country.

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Requirements for Becoming a Phlebotomist in Arkansas

In this state, you’re able to start as a phlebotomist without a formal training program and learn on the job. Nonetheless, you will put yourself ahead in your career by taking a training course, and it will teach you the required skills and knowledge you need to carry out this role. Some employers may also require it. You can take phlebotomist training through universities, community colleges or technical schools that offer it in your area or online.

Training for Phlebotomists in Arkansas

These are some of the phlebotomist training courses available to you in Arkansas:

  • University of Arkansas: The University offers a phlebotomy technician course that is administered online over 350 course hours. The school is an approved testing site for American Allied Health (AAH) certification. After completing this program, you can perform a clinical externship coordinated through the school.
  • Arkansas College of Health Careers: This physician-owned school offers a phlebotomy technician course over five weeks. You gain hands-on training and have the choice of daytime or evening classes, which take place in Little Rock.
  • North Arkansas College: This school offers a Phlebotomy Technician Certificate of Proficiency. It includes classroom learning and gets students acquainted with laboratory techniques and types of punctures. It prepares you to gain certification through the American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

Is Certification Needed for Phlebotomists in Arkansas?

Arkansas is one of the states that does not require certification to become a phlebotomist. However, certification can improve your job prospects, and some Arkansas employers may make it a requirement to be hired. If you decide to get certified, you have multiple certifying bodies to choose from. These include AAH, the National Phlebotomy Certification Examination (NPCE) or the ASCP.

Career Outlook and Salary Overview

In Arkansas, a phlebotomist makes an average of $13.61 per hour or $35,410 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average wage for Phlebotomists in Arkansas is slightly lower than the national average ($38,530). Additionally, the wage range in Arkansas is narrower, with the highest 10% earning $39,070 compared to $51,610 nationally.

Location Low (10%) QL (25%) Median (50%) QU (75%) High (90%)
United States $30,250 $35,020 $38,530 $45,280 $51,610
Arkansas $27,520 $29,700 $35,410 $37,210 $39,070


The “Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR-MO” region offers the highest wage for Phlebotomists at the 90th percentile, with a wage of $44,760.

Location Low (10%) QL (25%) Median (50%) QU (75%) High (90%)
East Arkansas nonmetropolitan area $27,040 $27,190 $27,490 $28,780 $34,080
Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR-MO $30,440 $32,300 $35,700 $37,600 $44,760
Fort Smith, AR-OK $27,380 $28,910 $31,390 $35,770 $38,680
Jonesboro, AR $29,700 $30,480 $35,690 $35,690 $40,570
Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway, AR $29,200 $30,040 $36,580 $36,700 $39,070
Memphis, TN-MS-AR $30,090 $31,340 $35,890 $44,230 $45,700
Monroe, LA $25,790 $29,810 $32,650 $36,540 $37,090
North Arkansas nonmetropolitan area $25,060 $25,190 $25,870 $38,130 $38,130
South Arkansas nonmetropolitan area $26,340 $26,340 $28,070 $30,630 $37,610
Texarkana, TX-AR $25,790 $26,330 $29,160 $34,880 $39,140
West Arkansas nonmetropolitan area $23,530 $26,000 $28,990 $34,950 $34,950

The cost of living can significantly impact wage differences. Regions with a higher cost of living might offer higher wages to compensate for the increased living expenses. Conversely, areas with a lower cost of living might have lower wages. The wage differences observed in various regions of Arkansas could be influenced by factors like housing costs, transportation, utilities, and other essential expenses.

Phlebotomists Employment Trends in Arkansas

Location Employment 2020 Projected Employment 2030 Projected Growth Projected Annual Job Openings
Arkansas 790 employees (2020) 980 employees (2030) 24% 120
United States 139,400 employees (2022) 150,200 employees (2032) 8% (Faster than average) 19,500

The good news for this role is that the growth rate for phlebotomists in Arkansas (24%) is significantly higher than the national average (8%). This suggests that the demand for Phlebotomists in Arkansas is growing at a faster pace compared to the country as a whole.

Sources of Data:

  • The employment projections for Arkansas are sourced from Projections Central for the period 2020-2030.
  • The national employment projections come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for the period 2022-2032.

What It’s Like to Work as a Phlebotomist in Arkansas

As a phlebotomist, your day-to-day job would include drawing blood and the many duties that go along with that. You would take blood from patients for various reasons, which include blood donations, testing, transfusions or medical research. The purpose could vary by the location where you work. You could find job opportunities at many medical facilities, including labs, research centers, blood donor centers, hospitals and clinics. Hospitals and labs are the top two employers of phlebotomists, according to the BLS.

As you can see, phlebotomists have many job opportunities around the country and within Arkansas. This is a prevalent, necessary position in numerous medical settings and is expected to grow over the coming years. You can easily get started in this field in Arkansas, with training and certification helpful but optional.

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